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  • They are ideal for organic home gardening
  • For small and large eco-friendly green houses
  • For commercial nurseries
  • And for medium and small-scale environment friendly growers
  • Those who are engage in hydro seeding (hydraulic mulch seeding)
  • Users of terrarium products for animal bedding (cattle farmers, Poultry farmers and rabbit farmers, horse keepers and those who keep gerbids and exotic animals as pets


=> As they swell 10 times their volume when they absorb water You can obtain 8 litres from one 600g briquette (very economical)
=> They do not compact and acidity does not increase over time
=> They assist beneficial seed germination
=> They ensure high water retention and enhance porosity
=> They are an excellent natural medium for soil conditioning for various purposes in organic cultivation and house hold consumption.
=> They can be used for potting in small growing containers
=> Ideal for selling in super markets, garden centers, home centers and retail outlets


Coco peat is a better substitute than any other peat products and can be used in the following areas:

Re-hydrated coir block mixed with soil improves water holding capacity and aeration

Coir dust in starter containers speeds up germination and profuse rooting of seedlings

Wetted coir brick in poly bags encourages initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.


  PRODUCT NAME  Coco Peat Briquettes
  Origin  India
  Size  20x10x5cm
  Weight(+/- 3%)  600 gm to 650gm
  Compression ratio  5:1
  pH  5.5-6.8
  Expansion Volume  8-9 Litres
  Electrical Conductivity- LEC (millimhos/ cm)  <0.5
  Electrical Conductivity- HEC (millimhos/ cm)  >1
  Packing Pallets are covered by plastic wrap and strapped by tape. Custom packaging shall also be worked based on customer’s need. Blocks are loaded directly into the container.
  Loadability 2000 Bricks (+/- 50)/Pallet / 20 Pallet / 26 MT 40 ft. HQ Container
  Certificates Fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin
  Supply Ability 500 MT per month
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