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Grow bags are primarily used in big projects like green houses, farms, horticulture, landscaping to smaller ones like terraced garden or kitchen garden.

Grow bags can be used for setting up of soil conditioner in a golf course or in a mushroom industry.

Grow bags can be customized based on the plants need. The grow bags can be configured in the following ways, based on the customer requirements.

  • Grow bag size
  • Coco peat & husk ratio
  • Number of holes & hole size on the grow bag
  • Required level of UV radiation

Grow bags can be reused for many harvest, unless there are no chances of any plant disease in the grow bags.

Irrespective of the climatic condition of the region, extreme winter or extreme summer, grow bags act as a medium for the plants to grow. They generate produce throughout the year where field grown vegetables are a rarity because of climate and the high land prices.

Our grow bags hold less water and are porous in nature. This helps in the right growth of the plants. Excess water will be drained off.


  • Coco peat Grow Bags have been proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops such as strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, capsicums, cut flowers, carnation flowers as it is a multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits and flowers.
  • They are organic, biodegradable and avoids soil degradation. It is easily transportable and eliminates the need to replace growing media after every crop if the medium is free from any contamination/disease.
  • Grow bags are environmentally friendly with high water holding capacity.

Technical Specifications

Size 100×15×10 cm, 100×18×10 cm, 100×20×10 cm,
Origin India
Material As per clients Requirement (Coco peat/ Husk chips/ Short fiber – Mixed in ratio)
Weight 2 to 2.5kg
pH 5.5-6.8
Water holding capacity (Dry weight) 20 to 30 Litres
Electrical Conductivity- LEC (millimhos/ cm) <1.0 mS/cm
Electrical Conductivity- HEC (millimhos/ cm) >1
Load ability 10 pallets in 1 40,ft. Container
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