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Coco peat properties:

  • It is easy and light to handle, and can even be reused for up to 4 years.
  • The bio-chemical and physical make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.
  • It disintegrates slowly, and only begins to break down when it is ten years old, thus providing long-term benefits.
  • It is neutral to slightly acidic and has pH of 5.2 to 6.8, making it great to be mixed with alkaline garden soil.
  • For extended periods of time, It stores and release nutrients to plants.
  • Its oxygenation properties are important for healthy root development.
  • It can be combined with any of the usual ingredients like soil and manure to be used as a mixture, or a stand-alone product.
  • It is available at affordable price for a quality product with an environmentally sustainable future.
  • It is perfect soil conditioner, and it can retain moisture up to eight times of its volume, and is organic.
  • It is consistent, uniform in texture, and easy to handle and doesn’t form mud, unlike soil.


Coco peat has a wide range of utilization in hydroponic crop production globally such as tomato, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, strawberry, melons, carnation, rose, gerbera, gypsophila, lisianthus, chrysanthemum etc. Coco peat usage offers an opportunity in maximizing the qualitative yield with a minimal environmental impact. Further it improves the soil texture, soil aeration and moisture retention capacity. It can be best applied at

  • Hydroponic Farming
  • Greenhouse Farming
  • Potting Soil Mixing
  • Seed Raising
  • Horticultural Floricultural Substrate
  • Perfect Soil Amendment
  • Landscaping : Home, Office, garden
  • Absorbent: Oil and Chemical Industries
  • Animal Bedding Solutions


Product Coco peat Low EC-5Kg block Agricultural – large scale sole less media for green house / farms Coco peat High EC-5Kg Animal bedding & as good absorbent for industrial oil spillage
Block Size 30x30x13cm 30x30x13cm
Block weight 5kg 5kg
Electrical conductivity <0.7mS/cm Not considered
Sieve Mesh <8mm 6-8mm
Compression Ratio 5 : 1 5 : 1
PH 5.2-6.8 6.5-7.0
Fiber content 2-2.5% 2-2.5%
Break out volume per Kg Min.15L Min.15L
Sand <2% <2%
Moisture 15-20% 15-20%
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