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Coconut husk block is an environmentally-friendly & sustainable organic alternative to bark based grow medium.

Coconut husk block can be used in greenhouses, vertical gardens & landscaping.

Coconut husk block is ideal for self-watering pots , planters, container gardens & hydroponics

Coconut husk block is perfect for all types of plants including fruits, flowers, vegetables, bonsai, cactus, orchid, roses, succulents, mushrooms and hydroponics.

Coconut husk block can be used as a decorative ground cover.

A mixture of 50% coco husk & 50% Coco peat has a satisfactory level for water retention and air retention and is the blend of choice for tomatoes. A mixture of 70% coco husk & 30% coco peat is excellent for berries and cucumbers. A blend of 30% coco husk & 70% coco peat has high water retention and relatively low air capacity making it satisfactory for heavy water users such as peppers.


  • Coco husk chips have proven to be excellent media for plants and hydroponics such as orchids, soil-less growing medium, mulch and ground cover.
  • Husk chips are best used as a growing medium for germinating seeds. Sprouting seeds require moisture and good nutrition, so that husk chips serve as the best growing medium to meet all the requirements of sprouting seeds.
  • The husk chips are widely used to assemble the bases of greenhouses, between plant beds to control weeds, to grow orchids, to form mulch, and to develop growing pie compounds and compost potting soil.
  • The coco husk chips are also used as a reptile bed.
  • Currently, many orchid and cut-flower growers have successfully used coco husk chips instead of bark, which has significant advantages in quality, consistency and lower production costs


  PRODUCT NAME Coconut Husk Chips Blocks
  Origin India
  Size 30 x 30 x 12cm-15cm
  Weight 5kg
  Compression ratio 5:1
  pH 5.5-6.8
  Expansion volume 60 Litres
  Electrical Conductivity- LEC (millimhos/ cm) <0.5
  Electrical Conductivity- HEC (millimhos/ cm) >1
  Load ability 22 tons in 40 feet HC Container
  Packing Pallets are covered by plastic wrap and strapped by tape. Custom packaging shall also be worked based on customer’s need.

Blocks are loaded directly into the container.

  Loadability 4600 Blocks / 22 pallets / 24 MT per 40 HC Container
5200 Blocks floor loading / 26 MT per 40 HC Container
  Certificates Fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin
  Supply Ability 100 MT per month
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