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Product Features

It breaks up hard clay soil for the plants to make the nutrients absorb more efficiently through the roots. It preserves the pH level of the soil and when combined with other soil acts as a soil amendment.
Due to well-balanced water retention characteristics, it provides ample moisture to the seedlings making it an ideal choice for the germination of seeds.
Cocopeat has a disease-resistant nature, it is free from bacterial and fungal spores and providing your plants with a wholesome environment.
The way of extracting coir fiber from coconut husks makes it a clean alternative over wasting soil resources.
It can also be used for nursery and house gardening, growing microgreens, horticulture, and floriculture applications, amending clay soils, potting mixes, greenhouse, bedding for vermiculture.
HYDROPONICS FARMING: It is light weighted material & acts as a great substitute for soil.


=>  Natural Brush manufacturers
=>  Environment friendly, organic home growing farmers, Eco friendly greenhouse owners and professional growers
=>  Those who do effective seed rising and obtain saplings and seedlings
=>  All agriculturists who are engaged in economical agricultural growing
=>  Floriculturists engage in producing colourful flowers with healthy leaves
=>  Those who are engage in raising ornamental plants for hotels, offices and houses.


  PRODUCT NAME Pellets Disc
  Origin India
  Type Normal Disc / Jiffy Plugs (Discs covered by NonWoven cloth)
  Moisture < 15 %
  Electrical Conductivity- LEC (millimhos/ cm) < 0.6mS/cm
  pH 5.8 6.8
  Compression ratio 5:1
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