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As an ingredient in spice blends, flavoring agent in imitation maple syrup, foods and beverages, tobacco, in manufacturing, fenugreek extracts are used in soaps and cosmetics.


As a vegetable, Fenugreek leaves are eaten, orally taken by mouth for digestive problems such inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), upset stomach, constipation, for loss of appetite, diabetes, painful menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, and obesity.


  Botanical Name “Fenu greek Seeds Consists of The Dried Ripe Seeds of the TRIGONELLA FOENUMGRAECUM L”
  Origin India
  Harvesting Season Feb, March
  Flavor “Free From Foreign Odour & Taste Such as Mustiness or Rancidity”
  Form Available Whole
  Shelf Life 1 Year From Production Date
  GMO Status Not Genetically Modified
  Packaging 10 kg, 15 kg , 25 kg, paper/ply bags
  Labelling As Per Buyers Requirement
  Specification “Detailed Specification Can Be Provided on Customer Request”
  Microbiological Parameters “As Per Requirement and Importing Country Norms”
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