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Red chilies are used as a spice by grounding them into powder, which is a popular ingredient in most Indian dishes and curries. For longer storage purpose, Red chilies are dried or pickled. They are also used extensively for sauce making, which adds to spice to other dishes.


In the preparation of dishes, red chillies are an important ingredient as a tastemaker, and also used extensively in making sauces. For health benefits, red chillies are an excellent source of vitamin C, but an excess usage may cause indigestion and heartburn.


  Botanical Name Capsicum Frutescens
  Origin India
  Harvesting Season Jan to Apr
  Type With Stem, Stemless, Stemcut
  Variety Sanam S4,Teja S17,Byadgi,No.5 dry chilli , 334 Dry chilli
  Shelf Life 1 Year From Production Date
  Packaging 10 kg,15 kg,25 kg & 50LBS Thin/Jute/Perforated Poly Bags
  Labelling As Per Buyers Requirement
  Specification “Detailed Specification Can Be Provided on Customer Request”
  Microbiological Parameters “As Per Requirement and Importing Country Norms”
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