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In preparing curries, stews, bread, desserts, and beverages, fennel is added to give a sweet licorice-like taste and scent. It is seen as a common habit in some parts of the world, that after meal, people chew plain or sugar-coated fennel seeds to aid digestion and prevent gas.


Fennel seeds either plain or sugar coated, are chewed by people after a meal, and in the preparation of curries, desserts, bread, stews, beverages fennel seeds is an important ingredient as they give a sweet licorice-like taste and scent, as well in prevention of gas and as an aid in digestion.


  Botanical Name Foeniculum Vulgare
  Origin India
  Harvesting Season FEB to March
  Type Machine Clean and Sortex Clean
  Quality Singapore and Europe
  Purity 98%,99%,99.50%
  Flavor No Mustiness or Rancidity
  Storage Condition Cool and Dry(20C)
  Shelf Life 1 Year From Production Date
  Packaging 10 kg,15 kg,25 kg,50LBS Paper/Poly Bags
  Labelling As Per Buyers Requirement
  Specification “Detailed Specification Can Be Provided on Customer Request”
  Microbiological Parameters “As Per Requirement and Importing Country Norms”
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